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POWER of 3EA's

POWER of 3EA's

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Inflammation is a physical response to injury or infection in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful. While this is helpful as a reaction, sometimes the body can overreact, inhibiting the recovery process. Poor diet can even cause low-grade chronic inflammation which is difficult to detect, but can contribute to a wide variety of serious health problems. Power of 3 EA’s is a blend of top quality, natural oils that helps rebalance your dog's inflammation response.
Power of 3 EA's is a rich source of Omega 3, carotenoids, all 8 natural isomers of vitamin E, gamma oryzanol, and lecithin. While the two oils can be used together, Power of 3EA's is not a substitute for Sh-Emp.

Camelina Oil is a superior, stable source of omega 3, organically grown and cold pressed
African Red Palm Oil, intensely rich in carotenoids (alpha-,beta-,and gamma-carotenes), sterols (sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol), Vitamin E (complete spectrum of tocopherols and tocotrienols), phenolic acids, and flavonoids
Unrefined Rice Bran Oil, rich in Vitamin E with four tocopherol, four tocotrienol and gama oryzanol. Also a source of phosphatide lecithin

lowered inflammation
decreased oxidative cellular damage
higher absorption of fat soluble nutrients
heart health and improved circulation
skin health and appearance
balanced endocrine system
proper nerve function
defence against neural degeneration
proper brain development in young dogs
healthy neurological function
ocular health
Drizzle 1-2tsp over your dog's meal once per day.

Camelina oil (certified organic, cold pressed), African red palm oil, Unrefined Rice Bran Oil
Note: Power of 3 EA's is stable and has a long shelf-life - no refrigeration required. If stored below 70F (21C) it may cloud or solidify. This does not affect the quality of the product. Not for use in cooking. Shake before use.
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My dogs all love raw food. The oldest was 12 when I switched them over and she has never been healthier. Our dogs all have their own favorite feast, and there is a great selection at Heronview, so there is always something new for them to try. Thanks so much to Lori and all the staff at Heronview.



Raw is by far the BEST decision we’ve made for our dogs and we will go to Heronview for life! They have an incredible selection of proteins, a great range of supplements and their prices are fantastic! I highly recommend you give Lori a visit!



Not sure about where to get started? Stop in and have a conversation, Lori has a starter plan suited to your furry family member. Not feeding raw? The store will still have something for you, from natural pet care products to on-site dehydrated treats your dogs will love.



My Havanese rescue, Sammy, was almost 7 when I adopted him. I noticed that every time he stretched he would creak and crack and I could hear all his joints popping, but I figured that was just how he was and I didn’t really think too much more of it at the time as it didn’t seem to bother him. I had been researching raw for a bit (not because of his creakiness, but just because I had heard about it and thought it might be the wise way to go). Anyway, I decided to put him on a raw, species-appropriate diet from Heronview, including Feedsentials and Shemp as advised by Lori. About two to three weeks after the switch I incidentally noticed that when Sammy stretched he didn’t make any nasty noises, so I made a point of paying attention the next few times, and guess what? His joints completely stopped making any noises at all, even first thing in the morning with lots of big stretches. Clearly, something was amiss or inappropriate in his diet and the switch to raw had rectified the situation. I was pleasantly surprised and haven’t looked back since.



When we discovered Heronview, we realized that raw feeding does not have to be pricy. We love the fact that you can buy a variety of meats packed in small amounts. One day Ellie will have ground chicken with bone, offal and tripe, the next she will get game, a bit of tongue, half a chicken carcass, some offal and tripe, then the day after it will be time for beef. We have also been giving her the K9 Feed-sentials. I wish I lived closer to Heronview and could visit the store more often. The staff is very knowledgable, they all have raw fed dogs and cats of their own and are more than happy to take time with every client. Being a city person, coming out to Heronview and seeing all of Lori’s animals, makes each visit a treat.

M.W and J.W