Benefits of Raw

The benefits of raw food are an on-going list…

One of the questions I am asked the most is “Why Raw?” This is a subject I could talk about all day!! My simple reply back is “What is better for you, fresh or processed?” I am sure you answered fresh. It is really that simple. Feeding a fresh food diet to your dog and cat has many benefits.

Better Digestibility

Dogs digest fresh food much easier than processed foods. A diet consisting of raw meat, bones, organs and some veggies will help the gut biome flourish. A healthy gut means a healthy strong immune system.

Less Poop

Better digestibility and absorption of food means less waste to come out. Their poops will be smaller that turn white in a couple of days and disintegrate. This makes backyard clean up a breeze!

Clean White Teeth and Fresh Breath

Raw meaty bones are natures perfect toothbrush. Not only do they clean the teeth, eating a larger piece of food is great for the brain, teeth and even digestion. Even if you only feed ground meat with ground bone, the teeth will stay white. The digestive enzyme from eating raw meat helps with clean teeth. When your mouth is clean and no left-over food, then of course your breath will smell better.


Choosing s single protein for meals will help with allergies. Feeding kibble with so many ingredients and over processed does not help with allergies. Again, a healthy immune system will also help keep allergies under control. It cannot fix everything, but sure helps.

Shiny Fur and Healthy Skin

When eating a healthy diet, you look and feel better. We hear from client’s that their dogs fur feels softer even after one week. Dry flaky skins turns into nice healthy skin with less odor

Excited for Meals

If your pup is not excited to eat and just eats to exist, you will be so happy to see them do the happy dance at mealtime.

Cats are what are called “Obligate Carnivores”. Meaning must eat just meat. A cat has no need for carbs, yet dry food is 40-50% kibble. Cats are not big water drinkers. Cats live in a state of semi dehydration. You see so many cats with diabetes and kidney disease. Both dogs and cats drink less on a raw diet. The meat has a lot of moisture which hydrates their body so they do not need as much water.

We know a raw diet can be intimidating, at Heronview we like to spend a lot of time educating new clients and helping them with their pups and cats meal plans. We will help you switch over to raw and continue to help and assist you weekly for about a month. When your team member feel you are ready to start placing orders on your own, we are still here to help with all the questions as they come up.

Please contact us for any questions.

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