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Lori Dzingala

As a long time pet lover and owner of Heronview, I’ve seen first hand the benefit of a raw food diet. Massed produced dog food doesn’t deliver all the vital nutrients your pet needs to maintain and sustain a healthy life. Before processed dog-food was invented, our pets ate from the butchers and through our own table scraps. As humans, we’re regularly told to reduce our own intake of processed foods. Why would we then feed our own loved pets similarly processed foods?

Prior to opening Heronview, I owned and operated a franchise pet store selling those box-store products for 18 years. It wasn’t uncommon for pet owners to switch foods, looking to improve their pet’s health. I saw the big business of corporate pet food, but even then, I knew things had to change.

In the 1990’s we were the first in our chain to sell raw food. We made raw easier and convenient by packaging in smaller quantities for pet owners. This was the right idea, for our store and our pets. We were on to something! Word spread quickly and we soon became known for our ability help owners and their pets manage and even recover from conditions such as allergies, cancer, EPI, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, kidney problems, and the like. No wonder, humans can experience similar issues when regularly eating highly processed foods. When we change our diet, eliminating ingredients that we can’t tolerate, our health improves. Eventually, I decided to leave the world of chain pet food stores to establish Heronview as a raw diet source for pets everywhere.

Our success is the trust that we’ve established with our clients and pets. We’re continuously upgrading of our knowledge and understanding of animal nutrition through seminars, workshops and certification programs. We love sharing that knowledge and expertise into our local communities as well as a broader audience through television and speaking opportunities.

Call or visit our store – we’re open 4 days a week (Wednesday- Saturday) We are busy making food for your pets the remaining days. Talk to our expert staff and find out how easy and affordable it can be to improve your pet’s quality of life and overall health with delicious, raw food.

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