Getting Started

When placing an order for pick up, in the comments section please let us know what day. Then we will call you and let you know when your order is ready for pick up. We need a minimum of 24 hours notice for pick up. If this is for delivery, please put your name and address in the comments section.

All items are per pound, and please note some items come in 2lb packages and will be charged per pound and not per bag. If you need anything not on our website please let us know - or want to let us know how to cut items, like brisket please let us also know in the comments.


I want to switch to raw, but don’t know where to start

We are here to help you get your pup or kitten started on a fresh food diet. We know how confusing it is with all the information out there. At Heronview we will walk you through this step by step and make feeding raw very easy for you
To get started send us an email and include breed of dog, age , weight, Any health issues. Please include a phone number so one of our team can contact you and go over what a meal plan will look like

Why is my dog not drinking very much?

Fresh food has lots of moisture. This helps keep your pet hydrated. Kibble is dry and has a lot of salt. This requires dogs and cats to drink a lot of water to digest kibble.

My dog hardly poops, and it is so small

Fresh food is highly digestible and there is no filler. Your dog absorbs more nutrients and has less waste. Bonus is the poop turns white and disappears!

Where is your meat sourced?

Heronview uses food that is meant for human consumption sourced from local farms and provincial abattoirs that are government inspected. We do import some items we cannot source in Canada such as Kangaroo and that comes from Australia. Bison comes from Alberta. Both are from Federal facilities. We buy antibiotic and hormone free meats. The product is so good we eat the same meats ourselves.

At what age can I switch my pup or kitten to raw?

You can start at anytime. I start weaning my pups at 3 weeks old to a raw diet.

Should I worry about my dog getting sick from bacteria?

No dogs are equipped to deal with bacteria. Their saliva has antibacterial properties. Their digestive tract is short and designed to push food and bacteria through quickly, so bacteria does not have a
chance to colonize.

Can cats eat a raw diet?

Yes, cats are obligate carnivores meaning must eat meat. Feeding cats a kibble diet is so hard on them. Cats are not big water drinkers and eating dry food has them living In a states of semi dehydration. There are so many more cats getting sick with kidney problems and diabetes. Feeding cats a species appropriate diet is the best you can do for them.