North Hound Life Organic Wheat Grass Powder




A whole food product for your dog. 100% organic wheat grass powder, greens for dogs! Wheatgrass is a nutritional powerhouse, rich in chlorophyll, antioxidant nutrients, vitamins A, B-complex, C, E and K, minerals and a complete set of amino acids that support optimal health. Chlorophyll is often called the green blood of the plants because its molecular structure is closely mirrors the structure of heme molecules – the molecules that deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. And, one of the amazing properties of this superfood is that it is high in magnesium. Wheat grass contains as much magnesium as broccoli, brussels sprouts, beets, carrots and celery

100% organic wheatgrass
As a side note, this organic product varies in shades of green.
Free from artificial ingredients, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, and chemical processing.

250 mL in a recyclable glass jar


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