Covid 19 updates

covid 19 and Heronview. How to place your orders Hi everyone. I want to update you on how we will be handling orders this week. Since it seems this week is crucial to slow the spread of the virus we have decided to only do pre orders. We will do orders that are send via […]

Mentioned In Canadian Living!

  My dog, Harley, a rather handsome cattle dog mix, is quite possibly the pickiest canine ever. From the moment we brought him home as a puppy, it was a chore to get him to eat. We tried multiple kinds of kibble, and even some canned food, but he wasn’t enthused by any of it. […]

See Us On Web TV!

Another Web Exclusive clip from The Pet Network original series FIDO & WINE. Lori Dzingala of Heronview Raw & Natural in Whitby, Ontario introduces host Laura Ducharme to the contents of her freezer — an amazing selection of raw treats for dogs, including goat cubes, turkey livers, chicken feet and pork cheeks. Yum!


Feed-sentials for K9 is full of natural,wholesome food, organic or wildcrafted when possible. No fillers , no dyes,no preservatives, nothing synthetic or Isolated. Feed-sentials provides full spectrum vitamins with co-factors which amplify benefits. Feed-sentials provide micro and important trace elements, immune boosting probiotics,digestive and metabolic enzymes,omega fatty acids and is rich in highly digestable bio-available […]