Feed-sentials for K9 is full of natural,wholesome food, organic or wildcrafted when possible. No fillers , no dyes,no preservatives, nothing synthetic or Isolated. Feed-sentials provides full spectrum vitamins with co-factors which amplify benefits. Feed-sentials provide micro and important trace elements, immune boosting probiotics,digestive and metabolic enzymes,omega fatty acids and is rich in highly digestable bio-available plant based amino acids

The ingredients : What and why ?

The ingredients in Feed-Sentials are human edible botanicals,nuts,seeds and berries. This supplement is packed with green superfoods such as hemp flour,blue Hawaii spirulina,kelp,alfalfa and cereal grass barley.

Feed-Sentials has the origional “survival food” Carob, a highly valuable food source credited with preventing malnutrition and very rich in complex B for nerve function.

Rosehip provides complex vitamin C complete with bioflavinoids and rutin which enhance availability by 50%. Vitamin C is anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, assists in ligament integrity. Vitamin is important for collagen formation

  • In times of stress more vitamin C may be required.
  • There are studies which suggest that carob and vitamin C are benificial to good hip results in growing breeds.
  • Seeds and nuts and hemp hearts provide delicate essential fatty acids.
  • Organic plant derived minerals in proper ratios balanced by nature- “the spark of life” necessary for enzyme activity and enabling vitaminds to function.
  • There are ingredients which take care of respiratory and cardio function.
  • For growth,ligament care, tissue repair,Feed-Sentials includes plant based silicon,glucosamine and MSM
  • Feed-Sentials has tonics which cleanse and support the liver, lymph and kidney. Others soothe the stomach and stimulate the appetite.
  • Homeostatic Soil Organisms supply probiotics.

Sh-Emp Oil Blend

Sh-Emp is a blend of deep cold-water herring oil, organically-grown cold pressed hemp seed oil,organically-grown hand pressed extra virgin coconut oil and is the perfect partner for Feed-sentials K9. The herring oil is a source of brain enhancing DHA/EPA which can be converted by the body into Omega 3.

Hemp oil is a source of Omega 6,3,9 and GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid). The virgin coconut oil found in Sh-Emp is a medium chain triglyceride rich in lauric acid. It provides both nutrient and functional value. The benefits of EFA’s are :

  • maintenance of working structure of cell membranes
  • proper nutrient distribution
  • heart and artery maintenance
  • skin health and apperance
  • horomone production
  • brain,nerve and eye function
  • joint lubrication
  • anti-inflammatory
  • improves muscle tone and reduces subcutaneous fat.

GLA ( Gamma Linoleic Acid ) is a free radical scavanging antioxidant. The properties and benefits of virgin cocnut oil include:

  • anti-microbial,anti-fungal,anti-diarreheal
  • anti-protozoal
  • immune system support
  • glandular support (adrenal and thyroid)
  • provides quick energy to exhausted muscles
  • does not require pancreatic or digestive enzymes
  • maintains healthy intestinal flora
  • promotes normal digestion and assists the absorbtion of nutrients

Sh-Emp is very shel-stable. No refrigeration required. If stored below 70Fit may solidify. Simply stand container in warm water to liquify.
The potential benefits of supplementing your pet raw food or high quality kibble diet with Feed-sentials and Sh-Emp are :

  • Improved appearance and density of coat
  • Richer coat colour/pigment
  • Healthy,supple skin
  • Reduced incidents of skin infection
  • Increased drive and focus in training
  • Decrease in erratic/hectic behavior
  • increased physical endurance
  • Improved retention of learned behaviors
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Accelerated healing & recovery from illness
  • Improved,consistent appetite
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved response to extreme temperatures
  • Reproductive benefits
  • Improved mobility/joint lubrication
  • Decrease in pet body odour