Dehydrated Treats

With most of the treats being sold now having been preserved or irradiated, we want to assure you that there is nothing done to my treats except being dehydrated. We do not use fancy packaging, all of my treats are simply put into paper bags. The reason for this is they won’t sweat and go moldy. With no preservatives being used, I like to make sure they can breathe.


Beef Lung Beef Liver Beef Heart Beef Spleen Beef Straps
Lamb Liver Lamb Lung Lamb Tripe Pork Liver Pork Spleen
Chicken Feet Chicken Liver Chicken Breast Duck Feet Duck Liver
Sweet Potatoes Smelts Halibut Skins Pheasant Feet Small and Large Tendons
Windpipes Large Pig Ears Rabbit Ears Kahunas