Covid 19 updates

covid 19 and Heronview. How to place your orders

Hi everyone.
I want to update you on how we will be handling orders this week. Since it seems this week is crucial to slow the spread of the virus we have decided to only do pre orders. We will do orders that are send via email to or from our website.
If you email an order please put your day of pick up in the subject line along with your phone number.
In the body of the email put your order. For example
5lb lamb dinner
6 lb beef with boe
4 cubes offal or
4lb offal

We need to know if you are ordering in pounds or pieces so please be as clear as you can. If you want beef brisket let us know how you want it cut. Same as being in the store. Do not say I have a 55 lb dog he likes everything but chicken. We are not putting together your order for you as it will be to crazy. If you do have a concern or question you can ask .
You can order treats , flea/tick , goats milk , toys anything you normally get.
We will give you a time to pick up. One of us will take your order out to your car. You can pay by EMT ,Cash in an envelope (exact change)

If you order from the website again in the notes section put what day for delivery and any additional notes regarding your order. We will let you know when to pick up

If you have a health question let me know and I will schedule a time for a phone consultation.

We will be doing Deliveries to downtown Toronto this Saturday as well. Watch for my email regarding the delivery on Wednesday

Thank you for understanding. We want to make sure you have food for your pets as well as keep everyone safe